Here’s some snapshots lately into what we’ve been up to the past month or so…


Seeing the butterflies at Meijer Gardens


Lots of hanging out…the kids each got a handmade fleece blanket themed with their favorite things (Emma: birds, Claire: princesses, Levi: cars) from our “date night” babysitter, Selena. The kids have loved cuddling with and sleeping with their blankets. Reminds me alot of the pillows Mom made us as a kid and how much we loved those (Emma still sleeps with mine–Nick, where is your mushroom pillow–does Denali sleep on it??!).

A surprisingly warm day in late April. A must for taking out the pool!

Post nap Sunday afternoon cuddling.

My birthday!

I got to celebrate my bday with these lovely ladies.

A semi-rained-out-but-still-managed-to-get-the-street-cleaned-up-with-several-rain-can't-stop-us-neighbors-- block cleanup.



A beautiful Easter afternoon.

Toothless Emma.

Happy Birthday, Curt!

The girls and I enjoyed a Girls Night Out--Noodles and Co. and the Charlotte's Web at the Civic Theater!

Claire's ballet recital--on a stage! (she was SO excited about this!)

Claire and her beloved ballet teacher, Miss Annie

Our 3rd year going to Cedar Campus in the UP. We are so thankful for the opportunity to travel here as a family and take part in Chapter Focus Week with InterVarsity. This year when we left there were tears…Emma through tears saying “I’m going to miss the students!” and Claire sadly saying “I like my house but I want to live here!” Here’s hoping to many more years up north with all the joy and wonder the experiences bring….!

Cedar Campus with InterVarsity--the UP was cold but wonderful!

Emma birdwatching from the dining area lodge

At Whitefish Point area the girls were delighted to find "a nest"...

Levi LOVED the sand and water!


The Narnia Trail

The sandbars this particular afternoon made for some fun "island" play for Emma & Claire

This old bell is a landmark at Cedar Campus

Back from Cedar and finally, hints of summer...including scraped knees :(

Favorite Friday night--Big Bobs, pizza outside, kids read books, while parents enjoy the drinks of summer...

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  1. Cedar Campus! I went there one summer for a week or two as a tween or something and loved it.

  2. What a great view during a morning coffee time (5 am)!

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