Some of my experiences lately include:

A trip out to NW Iowa to see my friend from Dordt, Tonja VanBeek, get hitched! It was so wonderful to see old college friends (not that we’re old–it’s just been over 10 years since I’ve been at Dordt–crazy!). Friends flew in from all over the US. I experienced alot of laughter, happiness, great conversation, reminiscing, and generous hospitality. I hope it’s not too long before I get to see all these lovely ladies again…

Rehearsal dinner in Hartley--small town with a big heart!

Wedding day--Tonja with her new hubby, Jon.

Two weeks after this trip, I set off again–this time for Seattle. It may sound like I”m the traveling queen, but these two trips are the first times I’ve been away from my family ALONE since I’ve had the kids. The past 6 years have been full of other experiences…like birthing and nursing–ha ha! Hard to get away during that time, but now I’m able, which I’m so thankful for! Curt stayed home with the kiddos while I attended a training to become certified in Gottman couples therapy. I was pretty much star struck– to meet and be taught by John and Julie Gottman–I’ve read so many of their books over the years and professionally have come to admire them. The training was wonderful and so useful. I’m looking forward to moving on in the process towards full certification.

I also LOVED exploring Seattle (the training was during the day every day I was there–mental note–slot one or more days in for fun and exploration next trip!). In the evenings, I spent time with my friend Becky who lives outside of Seattle who drove in 2 nights to spend time with me, the conference participants–other therapists from all over the US were great to converse with– and also with my wonderful hosts for the time I was there–Joe and Rachel. I came back really invigorated–time away was great on so many levels.

I took public transit to the Seattle Center each day and walked past the space needle each morning!

The Market--it closed just as Becky and I got there because of the time, but it was still great to see!

View from GasWorks park. Obviously, much better in person :)

Becky and I at a delicious cupcake shop in Ballard neighborhood.

My wonderful hosts took me to the top doughnut shop in Seattle and also to another park with a view one rainy morning.

Since I’ve returned, my experiences have been a bit more small in scale, although not less joyful. I’m certainly gently reminded of the stage of life I find myself in…

First outdoor family bikeride/walk to the track--spring is a-comin'!!!!

Time at the track. The kids just love this.

Claire biking around the track. She biked over 3 miles on Sat morning–with a smile on her face!
Emma and I headed out last night to Reeds Lake to see the “SuperMoon”–biggest in 20 plus years. It was fun. I also realized that middle school science may have failed me–I really did not know the answers to most of her questions about planet rotation and orbit, etc. Ah, to be humbled yet again by my 6 year old!!

Supermoon illuminating the side of my face.

Emma loves science. And birds, don't forget birds.

Some great experiences this month–hopefully more to come!

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  1. looks like good times….and enjoying the spring weather in MI.

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