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Mom and Dad visited last weekend and the weekend before (en route and back to see new little Harper, Eden, Reuben and Heidi). It was so great to have them here–from their company and touches that they bring (fresh bread, dipper chipper bars, cute little gifts that our girls love, hosting yummy homecooked meals in their apartment) to the wonderful quality time that they get to spend with the kids–thanks Mom and Dad!

And Levi is now 5 months old. My goodness, time flies. He is such a tender, sweet, loving little boy. We are enjoying him so much! We love the “raspberries” he blows, the way he snuggles into our necks, the sweet smell of his head, the way he giggles when we get his ticklish spot just under his chin, how his cries have developed more into coos, and the way that he gets excited when he sees Emma or Claire. He is now eating carrots, sweet potatoes and cereal and just rolled over for the first time last week! It’s so great having him be a part of our family…

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  1. whoa — levi really looks like a kuiper! can’t wait to see him and you guys at christmastime

  2. curt … stairing off into the distance toward Koinonia…

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