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snow days

we’ve had a ton of snow here in michigan. around here, snow days are perfect for… * setting up the christmas tree! * hanging out in the exersaucer * crafts–the girls are always asking for craft time. * playing in the snow (often 4-5 outings per day * warm baths * and wagon rides to [...]


For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Wisconsin where we stayed with Curt’s parents, all of his siblings, and all of the Kuiper cousins (8 adults and 7 children age 5 and under!). The house was full, the times shared were lively and encouraging, and the food was oh so delicious. On the way back, Grandpa and [...]


Here’s some of the latest… Mom and Dad visited last weekend and the weekend before (en route and back to see new little Harper, Eden, Reuben and Heidi). It was so great to have them here–from their company and touches that they bring (fresh bread, dipper chipper bars, cute little gifts that our girls love, [...]