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so we’ve been enjoying more of fall fall fall around here! we’ve had a spurt of warm weather over this week and last. for halloween this year, we went to ‘A Light in the Night,’ an event put on by Calvin at their apartments. many many kids from the community come (admission is canned goods) and trick or treat through the many apartment buildings, all of which are decorated according to different themes. all of the college students are dressed up too. we met up with our friends scott and april and their 3 kids and had a great evening! here are some pics of our little cow and crocodile as well as our hike through a local ecosystem preserve that we took this past sunday…

IMG 5214

IMG 5237

IMG 5228

IMG 5232

IMG 5270

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  1. Such a cute family. I love fall.. I can’t wait till marley is old enough to be able to enjoy such activities!!! I came to your house today.. you were not there :(

  2. love the halloween costumes!! so cute.

  3. :)

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